Silverstone supports Hyhubs refurb at Haymarket

Silverstone supports Hyhubs refurb at Haymarket

We are delighted to be nearing completion of yet another project for Hyhubs, the roll-out brand for the team at Hoults Yard as they create a network of business centres across the region. 

The £1.5m Haylofts project, to create 20 studio offices and a meeting suite beside Haymarket, is the conversion of St Thomas Business Centre - originally the stables for Newcastle Breweries. 

The 19th century premises, which lie in a heritage area close to residential homes and the main campus of Newcastle University, were first opened as a commercial centre in 1986, and will reopen to businesses in the New Year after six months of construction work.

The design and build scheme has been project managed by Silverstone, working alongside Xsite Architects, Raskl and main contractor, STP. 

Silverstone also recently converted a disused warehouse at Jam Jar One on Hoult’s Yard into an office and studio space for global consultancy Red Engineering Design as it grows its business.

Mark Coulter, associate director at Silverstone said: “The Haylofts project has presented a number of challenges with inserting a high spec meeting and auditorium ‘pod’ in the glass-covered courtyard. Plus, as with other heritage buildings, we hit interesting issues in regenerating them to modern standards.

“Despite these challenges it’s been a pleasure to be involved in bringing projects with such vibrant personality to life. We worked with the client to understand their vision and took a lead in ensuring the design and construction of the spaces captured this completely.”

“We have a great team on this job,” added Charlie Hoult, Hyhubs managing director. “We’ve had great value-add from Mark Coulter at Silverstone, plus STP and his team of partners like Geoffrey Robinson, Critall and Lloyd Worrall.

“The City is showing a rise in demand for ‘flex space’ and Haylofts will be the first co-working centre offered by Hyhubs in the City Centre,” continued Mr Hoult. “We are avid watchers of national trends and feel we are the best local operator to introduce the offer to match WeWork, TOG or Fora - because we have the network and connections on the ground.

“Hyhubs team has years of experience at hitting the right balance of style and function. Haylofts is going to be such a cracking place to work from - and it’s thanks to the dedication of the team who have stuck with us over a good few projects. Here’s hoping we can continue with new things in 2020 too!”

Silverstone supports Hyhubs refurb at Haymarket

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