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Motorpoint, UK-wide

Schedule of Condition

Motorpoint, UK-wide
Motorpoint, UK-wide

Service: Schedule of Condition

Location: UK-wide

Client: Motorpoint

Silverstone was appointed by Motorpoint to carry out Schedules of Condition on three different sites across the UK, in Manchester, Maidstone in Kent and Morley in Leeds.

A Schedule of Condition involves a qualified Building Surveyor undertaking a detailed survey before a tenant takes on a new lease in order to identify any significant defects and record the condition of the property prior to occupation. The document, which contains photographic evidence as well as detailed descriptions, is then appended to the lease for future reference. 

The sites we surveyed ranged in condition from fair to poor and our findings identified areas where some of the sites needed investment. By instructing Silverstone to carry out these surveys Motorpoint has limited its future liability as it has proof of the condition of the premises before occupation. Having these reports will therefore limit Motorpoint’s repair obligations if the company decides to vacate the various premises, minimizing the risk of them being liable for costs arising at the end of the tenancies for repairs to bring the sites up to a higher standard than they were at lease commencement.

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